What on earth are book trailers???

I feel tres guilty.

I have not updated this blog in ten days and it is like a little cockroach is scuttling around in the corners of my mind and it will not rest till I have done a lil something.

And I hate cockroaches.


Anyway, I have recently come across the book trailer phenomenon and I am quite fascinated by the concept of a book trailer.

Book trailers are basically a visual stimulant for the prospective buyer of the books (and perhaps it fulfills that quiet desire in the authors to see their books in movie format).

Will they do away with the need for blurbs? I couldn't say but I suppose it is cross media marketing. At first it felt odd to watch a trailer as a preview to something that I would, in fact, be reading.

However, today I came across a book trailer that I fell in love with and I will be reading the book! Check it out and let me know what you think:


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