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So I have started writing my third novel (and in case you’re wondering, I have not done anything with my second – editing 100,000 words is scary). This third novel is a lot like my first, in that the genre is the same. Because of this, I am finding it easier to pace myself and the novel is moving along nicely. I am currently approximately 8,000 words in.

Unlike with my first novel, I won’t be posting chapter by chapter but now and again I’ll post extracts to give you a feel of what the novel is like. Below is the first extract – but it may change in the final draft:

“I have a meeting to go to.” He wasn’t asking her permission. She glanced up from the novel that she was reading. Love was so much less complicated in the story. The woman was beautiful, the man, successful and they were willing to give up the world for one another. The whole world. But her husband was caught up on a baby.

She was lying on the sofa in the upstairs living room, her legs thrown over an arm. He loomed over her. He was wearing a pink shirt tucked into light blue jeans.

“It’s Saturday.”

“I know what day it is.”

She shrugged.

“It’s a beautiful day, and it’s not too hot. If you are going to escape this house, at least try to have fun whilst you’re doing so.”

“Fun isn’t going to buy your Prada bags.”


She returned to her novel. He hovered for a moment or two, waiting for her to say something, to break the lull in communication between them. But she was tired of being the one who was always talking. Men seemed to like it that way. They got to be aloof and the women were cornered, forced to look needy. Well she could care less what he did with his time, where he was, who he saw.

She flipped the page of her novel, and he walked away. The words on the page blurred, and she wiped her eyes with tissue she had kept beside her, for such a time as this.


And there we have it!

Keep writing!

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