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Katie Fforde

This is the second book I have read by Katie Fforde and I was not disappointed. She writes such charming romance books, and this coming from someone who only reads romance if she is bored and/or depressed.

thymeI think Fforde likes corny titles which is completely alright. The first book I read was titled Artistic Licence. This book is named Thyme Out, referring to the fact that the main character is a Gardner who provides vegetables and herbs to companies; also it is a play on the word ‘time’, which is cute. Otherwise it is not a title that would ordinarily lead me to select the book. So I’m forced to give it a 3/10. But no worries, she will pick up lots of points later!

The story is about Perdita (Fforde also likes quaint names), a 29 year old single woman with a love of her gardening, her Kitty (and no, Kitty is not a cat) and her friends. Her reliable but bland life is interrupted by the unexpected presence of her ex-husband, who has recently become a chef in one of the companies she delivers to.

Knowing there was a 99.999% chance that Perdita and her ex-husband would end up together did not stop me from worrying about their relationship. Nor did it stop me from thoroughly enjoying myself or from staying up to finish the book.

I can’t go as far as to say there were twists or that anything that happened really came as a surprise but the plot was woven so well, it didn’t really matter. 7/10

As for her characters, there were certainly lots of two dimensional ones but the three dimensional characters had a lot of heart. Especially Perdita, who I feel thoroughly deserved the happiness bestowed on her by Fford. I couldn’t even be envious (well I could, a little). 6/10 for the memorable characters.

‘Why the hell do you think? You and I were married once. You left me –‘

‘For an older woman.’ He sounded bored.

‘And I was on my own, years later. I didn’t want you to think I was carrying a torch for you, that’s all.’

‘You mean, you’re not carrying one? I’m devastated.’

‘I would very much like to devastate you…’

Fforde’s writing style is to be envied. I don’t know how she does it, but I was never bored, carried the book around, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a book that would make you feel all warm and mushy inside. Her books are purer than the mills and boons collection and have a lot of soul. Try it out. 8/10

P.s. It looks like there is a part two – Second Thyme Around – cute.


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