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I have finally gotten round to dropping another novel on Okadabooks.

It’s really quite shameful. The Men She Loved was published in 2014 and it was put on the platform for free. I remember telling myself that, since it was my first completed novel, I would use it as a test to see if people liked my work and to grow a fan base. If it was successful, I would then work on writing another book for the platform. I got what I wanted out of the novel – The Men She Loved has been downloaded 3,968 times thus far – and yet, it has taken me three years to push myself to drop another book on the platform. Shameful.

(I do have a novel that I have completed between these two books, but editing that work scares the bejeezus out of me.)

This book is named Thicker Than Water. It took me forever to decide on a title, which is unlike me. Also, it is a novella, so it is a smaller book than The Men She Loved but I also think it is more intense because of this. At least, I hope it is more intense.

There are actually quite a few differences between Thicker Than Water and The Men She Loved:

  • Thicker Than Water is a novella
  • It is written in first person
  • It is a thriller (at least that’s the closest genre I can compare it to)
  • It is written in present tense

In many ways, this novel was an experiment for me and I hope it proves to be a successful one. Like with The Men She Loved, I designed the book cover myself and I believe I have improved as a graphic artist.

I have checked the novella, approximately 10 times since I published it to see if anyone has downloaded it. Bear in mind, this book is not free. My first download came from a friend and fellow writer. I was quite moved by the gesture because she had seen an earlier draft of the book and so didn’t need to purchase it. So I currently have uno downloads; but one is better than zero.

I suppose the stress now will be on marketing, which has always been my weak point. But I am proud of this little book, so I will have to do my best for it.

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