The Testimony


I have never been one to write testimonies down. There isn’t any particular reason for this, I just hadn’t thought of it.

But now it seems like the wise thing to do. Sometimes we forget to be grateful – grateful for our hot meals, grateful for our shelter, grateful for our good health, grateful for the love we have around us etc. We remember to complain or to feel sorry for ourselves but often enough we don’t look back to see how far we have come.

I think having something written down, a record of sorts, would help to remember the obstacles overcome, the miraculous that took place, and the distance traveled.

2014 was a spectacular year for me. I had my low moments but I also had very high high moments and I have come a long way from where I was in 2013. If someone had told me in 2012, that I would have my own ebook business I would have smiled politely, thanked them for their belief in me, and moved on. I wasn’t even a huge reader of ebooks, why would I start an ebook business?

The beginning of this year (yay 2015!) brought excitement and anticipation but it also brought confusion. What was I doing? Where was my career going?

I currently work for my dad in a children’s entertainment and media house where we produce storybooks, animation, tshirts etc based off of the old Nigerian folklore about the wise tortoise Ajapa. It is spectacular work; but so far it has not been profitable work.

I wanted to move on, but it is my dad’s business and i can’t just quit on him. My own business (the ebook business) is just getting off the ground, but now and again I would look at my competitors and lose heart. My marketing skills are nothing to shout about and marketing is essential for any business. I needed to think about making money. Think about moving out. Think about starting a stable life of my own. But my current income streams wouldn’t allow me to move forward and I was starting to wonder if perhaps believing I could make money off of my writing, design and development skills was idealistic at best and foolish at worst.

(I hope I am not losing you just yet…)

I am currently fasting for 21 days, along with my church, and what was in my heart and spirit for this period was my career (amongst other things). I wanted an answer to some of my questions regarding where to go and what to do. Last night, I went to church. I usually go for wednesday services but I wasn’t going to yesterday. I wanted to replace my laptop and I knew by the time I finished at church, the store would be closed. Also, I have been breaking my fast at 6, but I hadn’t been able to do so yesterday and I knew if I went to church I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink until 9:30pm at the earliest; which for me is a huge deal. However I recalled that it was God who provided the resources I needed and so I chose church and I’m thankful that I did!

Which brings me to my testimony (gosh I haven’t written an entry this long in a whiiiiiiiile).

At some point in the service, when I was beginning to feel a little light headed and cranky, the senior pastor of my church began to minister in the spirit. He said there was this person or that person who was going through this or that and God would answer his or her prayer. I listened with interest, watching people tentatively take their place in front of him and admit to fears and doubts they ordinarily wouldn’t have admitted to. But I gave no thought to myself until he said – “There is someone in this room who has started a business to do with writing. God wants you to know it will go far.”

My heart went THUMP THUMP, and then my legs gave way a little (probably thanks to the hunger) but I was thankful. Boy was I thankful! I was grateful that he answered my prayer and so quickly, that he provided me with direction and that he calmed my troubled heart.

I know there are cynics out there who will believe the pastor got lucky. But I was the one who was lucky. Lucky to be there that night, lucky to be called out by God. Blessed. I foresee great things for Qamina because God has already declared it will be so!

Keep writing!

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