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I was invited to perform at a book launch by Osisiye Tafa, which took place last Saturday, and it would be the first time that I would be asked to perform at a non-freedom hall event. What’s the difference? Freedom Hall has several musicians and poets at all their events; whereas at the launch I was the only spoken word artist invited up as part of the agenda for the evening.

And it was a particularly entertaining evening. Granted, I haven’t been to many book launches, but Stories and Strings – the book launch for Osisiye Tafa’s 60 percent of a True Story – was certainly one of a kind.

There were musicians, singers – of which that dude’s voice (sigh) and he sang classics such as Louis Armstrong’s ‘what a wonderful world’ and Nat King Cole’s ‘L-O-V-E’, dancers performing sultry moves, spoken word – myself, and later my friend, who despite her nerves was able to make a formidable performance, acting… I think you get the idea. You could have taken the book out of the event and still had an interesting evening.

But the book was the reason why we were there. 60 percent of a True Story is Osisiye Tafa’s debut novel, and I am given the impression that it is more memoir than fiction. Never fear, I bought the book (at book launch price) so that I can review it here; so I look forward to that.

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