The Best Locations For Writing


Many of us have been tricked into believing that writers need rolling hills and picturesque cottages, a bubbling brook and a clear blue sky or a rainy day in order to tap into our reserves of creativity.

Though being in this setting may indeed bring out the Shakespeare in you, it is much more likely that you are surrounded by car fumes, tall grey buildings and noise pollution.

So I’ve compiled a list of great writing locations for us city mice:

  • The Toilet – The truth is, when you are going about your business, forced to sit still and wait, that is when true inspiration is born. Take a pen and a notepad with you. In fact, its best you set up a little stationary section in your medicine cabinet if it’s big enough 😉 .


  • The Airport – Take advantage of the long waits at airports. I personally always feel guilty when I buy a book in the airport because I could spend valuable time writing a book that someone else will be forced to buy at an airport.


  • In Cars/Trains/Buses – Public transport is another great opportunity for writing. In this day and age when we are always on the move, many of us spend the majority of our time on trains, in buses etc.


  • In a room with a really boring person – It would be a little rude to bring out a pen and paper whilst the person in question is talking, but your mind can go wild and you can imagine turning the individual into a character for your latest novel.


  • At Lectures – I won’t be held responsible for any failures that come as a result of writing in class…but some great ideas have been born as a result of me jotting in during lectures, seminars etc.


I have also been known to write at parties…

I’d love to hear about other awkward/quirky places that peeps have written at.

The pic was taken in St Vincent; if you were going to look for a get-your-creative-juices-out-of-the-way location, St Vincent would be the place to go!


Keep writing!

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