The Abomination of Mrs Rochester


It occurred to me today that I have a blog now.

This was a very important rediscovery because several years ago I read a book and this book made me ANGRY; unfortunately I had no way of expressing this anger except to my family (who really couldn’t have cared less.)

I have never forgiven the author for writing this book and I probably never will.

Anyway here goes:

The book was titled Mrs Rochester and it was written by Hilary Bailey.

Actually the book was titled Mrs Rochester – The Sequel to Jane Eyre. As most of you may know, Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte and it is my all-time favourite book.

In order to avoid a long-winded essay that no-one will read, I will break down why Mrs Rochester was for me the equivalent of Satan doing his work.

  • I think there is something wrong with a person writing a sequel to another person’s book. Especially if the true author has been dead for over 100 years and cannot uphold the virtue of his/her work. It seems underhanded. Stop hanging on the coattails of other people – write your own damn work!
  • I don’t care how many English degrees Ms Bailey may or may not have had, she clearly had no idea what she was doing. The first time I read Jane Eyre I was probably about ten and I have read it several times since then. Ms Bailey followed the letter of the book but she totally missed the heart of it. She turned Jane into a weak whiny little wimp who depended on her husband. That is not who she was – she was a quiet but strong woman with firm values and despite her great love for Mr Rochester, she did not compromise on her beliefs. That’s more than I can say for the average woman in today’s world, including myself!
  • Mrs Rochester was a lot like Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
  • She ruined Mr Rochester. Mr Rochester is the reason why I know I can marry someone much older than me. Mr Rochester made being devious sexy. Mr Rochester made you love him despite his often abrupt nature. I’m not even sure how she managed to do it, but she turned him from a passionate man into a monster.
  • She made Jane boring

rochester noI sincerely hope that Charlotte haunts Ms Bailey. I really do. What were her publishers thinking? That book scarred me. I had to keep chanting “Charlotte Bronte didn’t write this” to get through that dark chapter of my life.

There should be laws against bastardizing a person’s work.

You can’t unread a book and I really really wish you could.

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  • Amen to this!! My copy is currently propping up a display cabinet, so at least it’s of some use. 😉
    I don’t mind sequels … when thye’re done well and stay true to the original story and characters so they feel like yes, this could have happened. This book, however, fails on all accounts.

  • Heh. Thanks for the advice. Won’t be looking for that book anytime soon. I half agree half disagree with point no 1. Sometimes someone else can bring an interesting angle to an already existing tale. Sometimes. I’ve read my share of fanfiction and some are pretty good continuations of the tale/book. But anyhow you’re right on the rest.

  • Would have to agree with the person above – fanfiction gives you a chance to live with the characters a little while longer, after the original author thought we had had them long enough.
    It gives you the chance to hear Mr Darcy’s thoughts before he crosses Rosings park to the Collinses’ parsonage on certain fateful evening. (Yes – I’m a HUGE P & P fan and Jane Austen in general!). To be fair there is A LOT OF DROSS out there – but once in while you find something that just works. Don’t give up on fanfiction just yet!!

    • Oh…I don’t see anything wrong with fan fiction; but I believe it should be limited to blogs and free pdf documents.

      Most writers struggle to stay true to themselves when writing and they have slaved for months, years to produce their work of art. If they haven’t given their express approval for you to continue a story they saw fit to end, then the writer has no business continuing it.

      Bridget…is this Surrey Bridget?

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