Writing In Whispers


I don’t know how many people there are in the world who are like me: 1) For too long I wrote but shied away from advertising myself or my writing. I wanted to be discovered! I’m not sure how I wanted that to happen exactly. After all, I never spoke about my work, I didn’t enter competitions, didn’t send it anywhere; even the poetry book that I had self published was under...

Black Smile


I am committed to writing a post every day for three months! I have skipped one day so far and I am determined that today will not be another (I hate that feeling of guilt, even with the string of excuses I have ready.) So initially, today’s post was meant to be a How To Write a Villanelle post (coming to you soon) but I couldn’t find a Villanelle that I had created, so I wanted to...

NaijaStories – The Premier Destination for Nigerian Writers and Readers


Naijastories.com was a site that I was introduced to by Farafina. I was actually asked to scout for writers (so if you are posting on Naijastories or any public forum, don’t stop! You have no idea who is watching.) and so began my interest in the site. On Naijastories.com you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be stories that baffle you mostly because every other word is spelt...

How To Give Criticism – The Sandwich Effect


You have just read (or listened) to someone’s story, poem, or idea and you think it is a load of crap! Ok, hopefully you don’t think that (if you do, this article is not really for you, just smile at the individual and walk away). No, in this scenario, you can appreciate the piece; but perhaps you see a flaw in the plot, the delivery, the writing…and you have no idea how to pass this message on...

How To Judge A Book By Its Cover


The other day, I was talking to someone; gently explaining why their book cover was not achieving its most obvious objective – drawing in the potential reader. His response to my eloquent yet non-critical feedback was a “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” I was stunned; speechless even, until I found myself, “Perhaps we shouldn’t but the truth is we do.” However, it later occurred to me...

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