What Anime Taught Me About Writing


I was introduced to anime in 2011/2012. I was dating an anime junkie and even though I had heard about anime; seeing someone binge watch it was fascinating, especially as it was in Japanese. So one day, I said, “Do you know what, let me watch this thing with you,” and I sat down. I have not looked back. In fact, I often wonder how I lived the first 23 or so years of my life without anime. I gain...

Unto the Third


So I have started writing my third novel (and in case you’re wondering, I have not done anything with my second – editing 100,000 words is scary). This third novel is a lot like my first, in that the genre is the same. Because of this, I am finding it easier to pace myself and the novel is moving along nicely. I am currently approximately 8,000 words in. Unlike with my first novel, I won’t...

QtheWords – Ma New BLOG!!!!


I feel as though I’m moving house. My emotions are many. Goodbye Writing In Whispers – because of you, because of everyone who read, liked and commented, I am now a stronger more confident writer. The new site is QtheWords. Check it out today!!! Comment, like, let me know what you think and how I could improve it. Also thinking of having guest posts i.e. stories, poetry etc, but not...

How To Name Your Character (With Sense)


Names are important, even in fictional tales; perhaps especially in fictional tales. Names trigger our prejudices. Hearing or seeing a person’s name sets off stereotypes in our heads, without us even realizing. Whether or not these stereotypes are wrong, when you come across the name Fatima, you may find yourself picturing a dark skinned female with kinky hair, or an olive skinned woman with...

The Time Has Come


I believe the time has come for me to move on from this blog. I’ll certainly miss it, but I am trying to manage too many sites at once, and not managing any of them all that well. So I had an epiphany – what if I combined some of my sites into one mega cool site. I think there is a way to transfer my subscribers to my new website, but if there isn’t I’ll put up the details...

Writing In Whispers One Year Anniversary!!!!


Believe it or not, this blog is now a year old!!! It is my blogaversary and it is truly incredible. I named this blog Writing In Whispers because prior to this blog, I had been keeping mum about my work – I didn’t show anyone my fiction, was ashamed of my poetry book collection, had never completed a novel, was afraid of saying I was a writer out loud, was always second-guessing my...

The Storm Is Over Now


100,000 words done! 100,086 words to be exact. I am more relieved than anything. I was starting to get a bit antsy. I wanted to move on to the ‘make the story make sense’ stage. So what have I learnt about writing a 100,000 word fantasy tale… 1) You gotta gotta know your world – My characters move around quite a bit, and a map would have helped the writer alot. Heck, the...

I Can See Heaven


I have 15,000 words to go, to reach my goal of 100,000 words. I think I may cry out of the sheer joy and relief, knowing the figure is no longer so vast. Or perhaps the tears are merely due to exhaustion. I dunno. I have no idea where the last 15k will come from; but I have faith. I got this far, didn’t I? In honour of this magnanimous event, I will post an excerpt from the novel. I...

The Queen Of New Ideas


I am the Queen of New Ideas. This year I also hope to be the Queen of Follow Through. No, I’m being uncharitable. I do follow through on said ideas. It’s just the idea might have sprouted in say, 2010, and the action may take place in 2015. But it is still following through, am I right? (C’mon all you procrastinators out there, you know what I’m talking about) Anyway, this...

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