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Unto the Third


So I have started writing my third novel (and in case you’re wondering, I have not done anything with my second – editing 100,000 words is scary). This third novel is a lot like my first, in that the genre is the same. Because of this, I am finding it easier to pace myself and the novel is moving along nicely. I am currently approximately 8,000 words in. Unlike with my first novel, I won’t...

My First Book Trailer


It seemed like yesterday that I wrote a post on book trailers. I had only just come across them, even though I have been told that they have been around for a whiiiiiiile.
Anywho I knew that one day I would attempt to do one of my own, so…TADA!!!

I would love to know your thoughts and where you think improvements can be made.
Also the book can be downloaded for FREE here: 

The Men She Loved eBook!!! Eeeeek!!!


Dear October, It may look as though I have been slacking, but I haven’t really. Actually been working double time. Been working hard on my Qamina site (launch coming soon) Been converting ebooks Working on a graphic novel project with a great guy and so much more. Most importantly The Men She Loved is available for download from today!!!! And it’s for free! For now, it can only be...

Once upon a time…


It’s been a long long time since I have posted. Approximately two weeks. But I have an excuse – I’m trying to become Lara Croft and it is wearing me out physically. I have also been caught up in weddings, work, love, hate, more work and attempting to tidy up my ever chaotic room. Nevertheless, I have to remember that writing is a priority for me. When I finished The Men She...

The Men She Loved (14)


Her face was pressed against her brother’s shoulder so Temi missed the look of dismay that undoubtedly crossed her features. Just before she was about to pass out from lack of air, her brother released her from his hug. She rearranged the expression on her face and walked towards Temi, smiling. Temi who was now standing returned her smile. “You look really good,” he told her. “Thank you.” “Ronke...

The Men She Loved (13)


He grinned at her and took a cursory look at her body, from her face to her feet, and up again. It sent a pleasurable jolt of electricity down her spine. “No need to cover up. You look good…naked.” She rolled her eyes and slipped her top back on. “Why are you here?” she asked him again. “I came to apologize for leaving so suddenly.” “It’s ok.” “How are you doing? You seem a little stressed...

40,000 Words And Counting…


So I have reached 40,000 words in The Men She Loved. Yay me! Never gotten this far before. I suspect I have ended the story, though it was not quite the ending that I aimed for when I started the tale; but maybe it’s better. Anyway, I’ll see how I feel about the ending in a couple of days. I’m looking forward to starting the process of revision. I lie, I lie, I’m not...

The Men She Loved (12)


She stood in the driveway staring into space. That had gone very differently from what she had imagined. She had predicted that he would grumble, she would coax and they would have settled into their old routine. But perhaps their old routine had been detrimental to Lanre’s self-esteem. She had always known he harboured some feelings for her but she had neither encouraged nor discouraged him. She...

The Men She Loved (11)


She stared at her phone vibrating and was tempted to ignore it. She wanted to stay in bed and avoid the steps she would have to take today. But life had to go on, she had work, she had her puppies to feed and according to her phone, she had her brother’s birthday to attend. She sat up abruptly. She had completely forgotten about his birthday which was uncharacteristic of her, but then Dayo’s...

The Men She Loved (10)


“You and I babe, I think we should get together,” he had said it exactly like that eight years ago. They both knew she would say yes, she had been pining for him from the very first day she had met him. She had pined for him through three relationships with the most popular girls in their secondary school. She had endured watching him steal a kiss in corridors and bumped into him groping the...

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