Thicker than Water Excerpt


WORDS   Ayoola summons me with these words – Korede, I killed him. I had hoped I’d never hear those words again.     BLEACH   I bet you didn’t know that bleach masks the smell of blood. Most people use bleach indiscriminately, assuming it is a catch-all product, never taking the time to read the list of ingredients on the back, never taking the time to return to the recently...

I Can See Heaven


I have 15,000 words to go, to reach my goal of 100,000 words. I think I may cry out of the sheer joy and relief, knowing the figure is no longer so vast. Or perhaps the tears are merely due to exhaustion. I dunno. I have no idea where the last 15k will come from; but I have faith. I got this far, didn’t I? In honour of this magnanimous event, I will post an excerpt from the novel. I...

32,000 words and sweating…


It’s getting close to the final date. And I’m only 32,000 words in. The worry is starting to set in, and the doubt. Can I do it? I failed to write a post noting the start of my Nanowrimo journey on the 1st November (actually started poorly – with only 400 words); but I did start and now it is crunch time. In order to make the goal of 50,000 words I have to write 18,000 words in five days. That’s...

The Men She Loved eBook!!! Eeeeek!!!


Dear October, It may look as though I have been slacking, but I haven’t really. Actually been working double time. Been working hard on my Qamina site (launch coming soon) Been converting ebooks Working on a graphic novel project with a great guy and so much more. Most importantly The Men She Loved is available for download from today!!!! And it’s for free! For now, it can only be...

40,000 Words And Counting…


So I have reached 40,000 words in The Men She Loved. Yay me! Never gotten this far before. I suspect I have ended the story, though it was not quite the ending that I aimed for when I started the tale; but maybe it’s better. Anyway, I’ll see how I feel about the ending in a couple of days. I’m looking forward to starting the process of revision. I lie, I lie, I’m not...

The Men She Loved (3)


The heat was unforgiving and the atmosphere in the room clawed at them. When Lola observed Ada stick her tongue out like a dog, she proposed that they sit outside. She placed a cushion on the steps of the porch for Ada to sit on and she took the garden chair so that she was high enough to help her friend remove her braids. “If you keep rubbing your stomach like that, your baby will be...

The Dream Walker (1)


The chief had not requested her presence in over a year. The fact that he asked for her now, set her on edge. She had begun to find comfort and rhythm in the monotony of her days. She had not stepped foot in this section of the Kalu in months and was grateful that she was being led by the slave who had summoned her. Dare trailed her silently; she could feel him in the shadows. It was easy to...

The Men She Loved (2)


Dayo stood before her, bearing down on her and as she looked behind, she saw there was nowhere to run to. “Where were you when I needed you?” His words echoed in the room. Her heart tripled in pace and she clutched her breast. “Dayo please…” He struck her and she fell to the ground. “Every day I waited,” She tried to crawl away and she felt a sharp pain in her back. He had stabbed her. He took...

The Men She Loved (1)


Lola could hear it but she hadn’t spotted it yet and she wouldn’t be satisfied until its blood was on her hands. She leaned on the edge of her seat, poised and ready to attack. The mosquito flew into her line on vision and she clapped it between her palms. Temi looked at her, amused. “Can we eat now?” she smiled at his sarcastic tone and met his gaze with a bold one of her own “Be my guest,” he...

The Different Points of View in Storytelling


I want to do a post, at some point in the future, on how to choose which point of view to write in when you are planning/plotting your story. So I thought a brief reminder on the different points of view might be a good precursor to the post; especially if there are people out there in the world, who, like me, often forget what they were taught in primary school!   1st Person – This is...

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