Thicker than Water Excerpt


WORDS   Ayoola summons me with these words – Korede, I killed him. I had hoped I’d never hear those words again.     BLEACH   I bet you didn’t know that bleach masks the smell of blood. Most people use bleach indiscriminately, assuming it is a catch-all product, never taking the time to read the list of ingredients on the back, never taking the time to return to the recently...

Thicker than Water is Now Available on Okadabooks


I have finally gotten round to dropping another novel on Okadabooks. It’s really quite shameful. The Men She Loved was published in 2014 and it was put on the platform for free. I remember telling myself that, since it was my first completed novel, I would use it as a test to see if people liked my work and to grow a fan base. If it was successful, I would then work on writing another book for...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 8


Later that day, Dotun gave her the list of the women on her train and Demi created the group. As Dotun had promised, they were all warm and they all promised they would send their measurements as soon as they could. Perhaps she had overreacted about the whole bridesmaid business. Dotun was her colleague and they had gotten along very well in the past. Perhaps she hadn’t meant to fall in love with...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 7


Lllit was full, despite the fact that it was off peak. It was safe to say that she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t afford the peak prizes. She changed in what happened to be the cleanest locker room and entered the gym, rearing to go. Her enthusiasm quickly died – every machine was taken. She hovered in the corner and watched people pump iron and run nowhere. Eventually someone left a...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 5


Jameelah wasn’t going to stop, that much was certain. Demi picked up the phone and turned away from her family. “Hello?” “I’m coming over.” “Jam…I’m really not…” “I’m almost there.” At that moment, Demi heard the sharp horn of Jameelah’s vehicle beeping relentlessly. Of course, it wouldn’t make Baba walk any faster – he was incapable of doing anything quickly. She dropped her phone on the bed and...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 4


Lllit was as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. The reception area was a fusion of greens and blues and whites and on the wall behind the receptionist was painted a sultry woman wearing nothing but her gele. People walked up and down confidently in their spandex and half tops. In fact, as far as she could tell, everyone in Lllit was already fit. What on earth were they still paying...

Three is a Crowd


Whilst Jumoke was occupied with Ajapa and the club pledge, Demi scrolled down the pictures on Instagram and her hand stilled when she came across the video of Tosin’s proposal. The video started from the point when Tosin got on one knee, and sure enough, there she was just standing there in the way of an otherwise magical scene. She groaned. “What’s wrong aunty Beedee?” “Nothing Jum Jum.” She...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 2


Rayo burst out laughing. “I’m sorry Demi. I really am. But this kind of thing only ever happens to you!” “Laugh all you want. I don’t have any ego left to save.” “Aww sweetie.” Her sister pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head. “What have I been telling you?” “That Lagos women are treacherous and I shouldn’t trust any of them.” “And what did you go and do?” “She was...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 1


There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to determine how far she is willing to go to win the man of her dreams. And Demi knew that this was her time. “Ace…psst…ace….” Dotun had heard her; Demi could tell by the slight tension in her colleague’s shoulders, plus she was being fairly loud now. Dotun was clearly trying to avoid the promised conversation but Demi was not one to give up so...

Love Love Day – Ma Ton Ra E


So today is the day of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfume, and other really tired gifts. It’s the day when expectations are crushed or met. The day that has probably thousands of beating hearts around the world, preparing to propose. And I’m here…writing. I’m on 75,000 words and my Valentines gift for myself is another 10,000 words. Can it be done? I dunno. But I am...

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