As If On Cue


They hover at traffic lights; Disperse when the light goes red, As if on cue. With their hands pressed against your window, They look at you; Promise you God will bless you, If you bless them With money. Or with that bottle of water on your seat. Or with that KFC chicken that you bought For your needs, But now feel awkward about; You know where your next meal will, But they do not. You search...

National Poetry Day_Poem 4_Broken into wholeness


She came
Laid bare my past for me
A loosely traced map
A story
Of bodies upon bodies
Knowing places
No man but one
Should ever know
Could she see
How she was rampaging
Mental spaces? Leaving
Wounds that would last longer
Than broken hymens?
She wants to heal me
Fix me
Make me
Whole again
And I don’t know how to tell her
I was whole before she came

National Poetry Day_Poem 3_Ariel


She opens her mouth Wide Calling out to him Except No words come out   She sacrificed her ability to speak So she could call herself his Answer to his name, become him. Words seemed so trivial then. Lips were meant for kissing, eating, humming   Until there came a time When she had something to say When she needed to be heard   Only, She cannot speak She sacrificed expression For...

National Poetry Day_Poem 2_Love is not a Weed


‘Love is not a weed, It cannot grow where it please’   Openly assessing the other Eyes wide open It is not a deal conducted blindly.   Ancestry, health, beauty, Class, financial status, education, Sex, age, profession, culture, race, – taking into account it is a deliberate selection to gather what it may love is not a net cast wildly   I learnt today that there are rules...

Ma Ton Ra E


This is not a new poem and you may have heard it before – but I have re-recorded and so I am putting it up on my blog. One of the reasons this poem is dear to my heart is it is the only poem so far that has Yoruba – my native tongue – in it.   Our love is Elijah but wheels screech; the chariot is on its head rose speaks to me Ma ton ra e Your love won’t survive another day...

The Reason For The Pathetic


I used to believe that poetry came to me best, most easily, when I was sad. So that, even when I was experiencing an inordinate amount of pain, even when my heart was broken and I was gulping back tears, there’d be this little voice in my head saying, ‘Well at least there should be one good poem that will come of this.’
But I was wrong.

Women Arise!!!


Yet another INCREDIBLE event from Freedom Hall is coming up this week! WOMEN ARISE – A music and poetry event that is catered to and all about us!!! Guys you are welcome to come, but be prepared to receive some smack from the poets (myself completely included) Yes I am performing this Thursday and I am freaking out inside. I know it is not my first time, but I am always afraid; and the last...

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