Three is a Crowd_Chapter 2


Rayo burst out laughing. “I’m sorry Demi. I really am. But this kind of thing only ever happens to you!” “Laugh all you want. I don’t have any ego left to save.” “Aww sweetie.” Her sister pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head. “What have I been telling you?” “That Lagos women are treacherous and I shouldn’t trust any of them.” “And what did you go and do?” “She was...

Three is a Crowd_Chapter 1


There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to determine how far she is willing to go to win the man of her dreams. And Demi knew that this was her time. “Ace…psst…ace….” Dotun had heard her; Demi could tell by the slight tension in her colleague’s shoulders, plus she was being fairly loud now. Dotun was clearly trying to avoid the promised conversation but Demi was not one to give up so...

Love Love Day – Ma Ton Ra E


So today is the day of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, perfume, and other really tired gifts. It’s the day when expectations are crushed or met. The day that has probably thousands of beating hearts around the world, preparing to propose. And I’m here…writing. I’m on 75,000 words and my Valentines gift for myself is another 10,000 words. Can it be done? I dunno. But I am...

The Men She Loved (4)


…Previously on The Men She Loved (I’m trying this whole ‘previously’ thing out. I feel like I’m doing a TV series :-D)…Lola finally runs into Dayo, her first love, and he sparks up feelings inside her that she thought no longer existed. Only he hasn’t forgiven her and she hasn’t forgiven herself….

The Men She Loved (1)


Lola could hear it but she hadn’t spotted it yet and she wouldn’t be satisfied until its blood was on her hands. She leaned on the edge of her seat, poised and ready to attack. The mosquito flew into her line on vision and she clapped it between her palms. Temi looked at her, amused. “Can we eat now?” she smiled at his sarcastic tone and met his gaze with a bold one of her own “Be my guest,” he...

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