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What Anime Taught Me About Writing


I was introduced to anime in 2011/2012. I was dating an anime junkie and even though I had heard about anime; seeing someone binge watch it was fascinating, especially as it was in Japanese. So one day, I said, “Do you know what, let me watch this thing with you,” and I sat down. I have not looked back. In fact, I often wonder how I lived the first 23 or so years of my life without anime. I gain...

Can You Be Taught To Write?


My degree was in Creative Writing and Law; and as a student of Creative Writing, a question that often popped up was – can writing be taught? Achebe didn’t place much weight on Creative Writing as a course: ‘Many writers can’t make a living. So to be able to teach how to write is valuable to them. But I don’t really know about its value to the student. I don’t mean it’s useless. But I...

How To Use Your Five Senses When Writing / No-One Cares How You Feel Inside


It is easy to fall into the habit of writing how one feels (especially when writing poetry). Focusing on how you feel will give your work a childishness that you did not intend and make it difficult to show instead of tell. Personally my crappiest poems have been born when I was trying to write how I felt; especially if I used words such as ‘feel’ ‘like’ ‘want’ ‘I’ (‘I’ is actually the biggest...

Poetry on Moments with Mo


So yesterday was amazing! Last week I was invited to perform poetry on a Nigerian talk show – Moments with Mo! They flew me to Calabar yesterday, where the studio is based, and it was straight to the studio from the airport. From there it was make up, dress up and perform. After my performance, I was interviewed by the hosts. Everyone was lovely and professional and I had a wonderful time...

Black Smile


I am committed to writing a post every day for three months! I have skipped one day so far and I am determined that today will not be another (I hate that feeling of guilt, even with the string of excuses I have ready.) So initially, today’s post was meant to be a How To Write a Villanelle post (coming to you soon) but I couldn’t find a Villanelle that I had created, so I wanted to...

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