The Eyes of A Dead Girl


– Have you heard the tale about the ghost orange seller? – They say she wears a white dress and if you buy an orange from her… – You’ll die too! – You guys don’t really believe in that, do you?   They look at me with wide eyes and I can see that they believe. But of course, it’s not true. It can’t be true. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. It’s a public...

She Sells Her Oranges


Ayoola is on the street, balancing a tray of oranges on her head. She was up before the sun; there was not even a whisper of light as she cradled each one in her hand and used a sharp knife to free them from their skin. She could smell the strident scent emanating from them and could picture the sinking of white teeth into the tender orange flesh. Her first customer is a woman in a dark blue suit...

My First Poetry Slam


So last Saturday I took part in my first spoken word poetry competition and I learnt A LOT. The Eko Literary Society is the premier society in Lagos for lovers of books, poetry and all things literary and they founded the Eko Poetry Slam, which in collaboration with Metro 97.7 FM and Radio One 103.5 FM, took place last Saturday. It would be the first edition. Their previous poetry slams have been...

Discovering Magic – A TipsyLit Prompt


This week, I participated in a prompt on a blog by the name of tipsylit. I enjoyed taking part and totally let it slip out of my mind that I would need to hustle up votes to increase the chances of my story winning the comp. The prompt was: your character discovers a magical object. Check out the story here or read it below. If you like the story, vote for me here.   “People come up to me...

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