The White Tiger – A Review


I came across The White Tiger in my aunty house and knew I would have to read it quickly. I’m not a huge fan of borrowing books, so I would need to finish it in the course of my stay. Fortunately, it was a compelling book and so finishing it in a matter of days proved easier than I had anticipated. The title, The White Tiger, triggered my curiosity. After all, I knew it wasn’t a tale...

Thyme Out – A Review


THYME OUT Katie Fforde This is the second book I have read by Katie Fforde and I was not disappointed. She writes such charming romance books, and this coming from someone who only reads romance if she is bored and/or depressed. I think Fforde likes corny titles which is completely alright. The first book I read was titled Artistic Licence. This book is named Thyme Out, referring to the fact that...

Library In Lekki


My sister and I went to a library today. It would actually be my first time going to a library in Lagos that wasn’t within the four walls of a school; so I was very excited. It turned out to be a charming place and it smelt like bubblegum. It was cool and the books were everywhere! There were also several places to sit and relax. To become a member: N10,000 ($62) for 3 months N20,000 ($123)...

What on earth are book trailers???


I feel tres guilty. I have not updated this blog in ten days and it is like a little cockroach is scuttling around in the corners of my mind and it will not rest till I have done a lil something. And I hate cockroaches.   Anyway, I have recently come across the book trailer phenomenon and I am quite fascinated by the concept of a book trailer. Book trailers are basically a visual stimulant...

The Story Of Beautiful Girl – A Review


THE STORY OF BEAUTIFUL GIRL By Rachel Simon This was a book I picked in a hurry from the shelf. I believe I bought it with Snow Child (review coming soon); but it took me a while to read it because when I was almost halfway, my sister took the book and didn’t return it till she was done. Then the book was back in my hands but I had already come to the conclusion that it was a spectacular novel...

How To Judge A Book By Its Cover


The other day, I was talking to someone; gently explaining why their book cover was not achieving its most obvious objective – drawing in the potential reader. His response to my eloquent yet non-critical feedback was a “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” I was stunned; speechless even, until I found myself, “Perhaps we shouldn’t but the truth is we do.” However, it later occurred to me...

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