Rearing To Go


I got an email from Nanowrimo reminding me that November was just around the corner…

102210_nanowrimo2According to my Nanowrimo account, I have been a member of Nanowrimo for almost FIVE years. It’s incredible how time just evaporates. I still remember joining and being all hyped. I was in England, in university, reading Creative Writing and Law and I was EAGER to finish my first novel.

If you have been following this blog, you will know I finished my first novel like a month ago, and it was only 45,000+ words. Nanowrimo’s word count goal is 50,000. So I don’t need to stress that all those years ago I did not complete the November challenge. And I didn’t attempt the challenge again in the years following.

If you have never heard of Nanowrimo before, this is how it works:

  • It takes place in the month of November
  • You are encouraged to write every day
  • The word count goal is 50,000 words
  • You are dissuaded from editing as you write
  • You can validate your 50,000 word count between the 25th and 30th November to get novelist goodies and recognition

I failed all those years ago (I think I just got to 20,000 words+) and here are a couple of reasons why I think I failed:

  • My story had no direction (Nanowrimo didn’t encourage you to plan ahead as such to prevent overthinking, but I may have taken this a bit too literally. My story wasn’t heading anywhere, and I soon lost my grip on it)
  • I was doing it all alone (When you are doing something particularly hard, it’s helpful to have people supporting you; though Nanowrimo does give all the encouragement that they can but there was noone to stop me from stopping)

2014 has been my year of overcoming mental obstacles and I am determined to participate in the challenge and overcome it.

I know I can do it, can you?

See you in November!


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