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Sixty Percent of a True Story – A Review


‘Everything is not about book here.’ This is the first book that I’ll be reviewing, whose author I met beforehand. Met but didn’t really know. Now after reading the book, I look at him with a side eye. If this book were fictional, I probably wouldn’t have that reaction, but seeing as it’s a memoir… Sixty Percent of a True Story is Osisiye Tafa’s debut novel and it is an excellent start to what is...

Chasing Facades – A Review


So I read Chasing Facades in a bit of a rush. I read it to review it which is rare for me and I think it took a little bit of the pleasure out of it. Hopefully I won’t be doing that again. Let’s begin with the title – Chasing Facades. I love the title. It does exactly what it is supposed to do – incite suggestions of action, mystery, thrills, lies, all the things that a good detective story...

The Stories and Strings Book Launch


I was invited to perform at a book launch by Osisiye Tafa, which took place last Saturday, and it would be the first time that I would be asked to perform at a non-freedom hall event. What’s the difference? Freedom Hall has several musicians and poets at all their events; whereas at the launch I was the only spoken word artist invited up as part of the agenda for the evening. And it was a...

Ma Ton Ra E


This is not a new poem and you may have heard it before – but I have re-recorded and so I am putting it up on my blog. One of the reasons this poem is dear to my heart is it is the only poem so far that has Yoruba – my native tongue – in it.   Our love is Elijah but wheels screech; the chariot is on its head rose speaks to me Ma ton ra e Your love won’t survive another day...

The Reason For The Pathetic


I used to believe that poetry came to me best, most easily, when I was sad. So that, even when I was experiencing an inordinate amount of pain, even when my heart was broken and I was gulping back tears, there’d be this little voice in my head saying, ‘Well at least there should be one good poem that will come of this.’
But I was wrong.

Unto the Third


So I have started writing my third novel (and in case you’re wondering, I have not done anything with my second – editing 100,000 words is scary). This third novel is a lot like my first, in that the genre is the same. Because of this, I am finding it easier to pace myself and the novel is moving along nicely. I am currently approximately 8,000 words in. Unlike with my first novel, I won’t...

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