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N was a site that I was introduced to by Farafina. I was actually asked to scout for writers (so if you are posting on Naijastories or any public forum, don’t stop! You have no idea who is watching.) and so began my interest in the site.

On you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be stories that baffle you mostly because every other word is spelt incorrectly or used inappropriately and then there will be those stories that give you a distinct feeling of hope for the writing industry in Nigeria.

Stories, poems, articles that are uploaded to are checked by their editors (to make sure it’s all kosher) and once they are posted, comments can be made by the huge community on the website. This is great for the writer that is looking for feedback. Another attractive aspect of is their regular competitions. They have little competitions and big competitions. I entered one myself:

‘ is pleased to announce another online writing contest titled “Give us your best Short” to be judged by Chika Unigwe. We want to read your best short story. You can write in any genre, but bear in mind the five elements of a short story – Plot, Point of View, Character, Setting, and Theme. Conflict is not compulsory but it gives your story that extra oomph. We’re looking for really good shorts and winners may be selected for the next NS Anthology. So, Give Us Your Best Short!’

I got as far as the shortlist but no further.

Icatha-FrontIt didn’t end there though, I was contacted a few months later and told that I had been longlisted for the Naijastories anthology which was very exciting. And I was even more amazed to find that my story was the title for the anthology. Now how cool is that!

If this little tale doesn’t convince you to check Naijastories out…Naijastories actually has an arrangement for paying it’s writers on the site!

Keep writing!

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