Ma Ton Ra E

This is not a new poem and you may have heard it before - but I have re-recorded and so I am putting it up on my blog.

One of the reasons this poem is dear to my heart is it is the only poem so far that has Yoruba - my native tongue - in it.


Our love is Elijah

but wheels screech; the chariot is on its head

rose speaks to me Ma ton ra e

Your love won’t survive another day

I stuff the rose down my throat

chew the thorns and swallow copper.

We will last forever

but your eyes tell me you don’t believe.

With a quill I scratch our vow on a dove,

There! Fly our plea to heaven

Ma ton ra e

I pluck its leathery feathers one by one.

I twist the arrow: admit love can be fair

With cupid’s last rites, Ma ton ra e

*Ma Ton Ra E = Don't deceive yourself

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