I Can See Heaven


I have 15,000 words to go, to reach my goal of 100,000 words.

I think I may cry out of the sheer joy and relief, knowing the figure is no longer so vast. Or perhaps the tears are merely due to exhaustion. I dunno.

I have no idea where the last 15k will come from; but I have faith. I got this far, didn’t I?

In honour of this magnanimous event, I will post an excerpt from the novel. I haven’t posted anything from the novel so far, and this excerpt I picked randomly; but I think it’ll make for a cool read.

“I’ll tell you where those men are. They are lying on the cold dark floors beyond this door; their hearts are still, their spirits have gone. Maybe they are in heaven; though, what use God could have for weaklings, is beyond me.”

“You are too harsh sir,” spoke another of the clothsmen, though he could not make out who. The culprit was embedded deep within his brethren, and he clearly had no intention of stepping out.

“I am? Prove me wrong. Come and say it to my face.”

People turned to see if anyone would come forth; he would not have been surprised if the guilty man rotated his head too. He sighed. They were all such cowards.

“I didn’t think so. We will bury our brothers and we will mourn them. Then we will thank God for giving us another day in which we can prove our merit. And then we will prove our merit. Do you understand me?”

They did.

He wasn’t great at giving speeches, but he figured he had just done a superior job.

Keep writing!

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