I Believe I Can Fly


Anyone who can guess the link between the title of this post and of my previous post gets a prize – The Men She Loved sent personally to their inbox!

That aside, I am on 90,000 words now!!! Yay! *Does mental dance.

I can’t believe it’s almost done. It has been a wild journey, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything; and support has come from the strangest places – from those of you who read the blog and follow, from acquaintances tracking my progress on bbm, from people who learn that I am on a 100k writing journey.

I had imagined it would be my family and closest friends who would be patting me on my back, and wiping the sweat from my brow, but I am no less grateful the way it turned out.

Now and again, I ask myself, does my story still make sense? It might seem like an odd question but it is a real enough one. 90,000 is a lot of words and the danger is that you have just been going on an odd journey, walking around with no clear destination and no clear purpose. I can’t say my story is all clear cut (I don’t even know how it’ll end. I actually suspect the ending occurred 10,000 words ago and I am on book 2 now); and I haven’t read my story through yet, so there will probably be some surprises, but I do know that it is still an engaging story and it has promise.

I can say this because though it is raw, and though it will need a semi re-write, I believe in my story and the hours upon hours I have put into it.

Keep writing!

*Regarding the pic – Isn’t Lagos beautiful?

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