Done, done and done!


I can’t believe I actually did it! 50,000 words in one month!

Now I’m not trying to make those who didn’t make it feel bad (and honestly, there is still time), but I can’t contain my excitement. I was really starting to freak out!

When my laptop broke down on me (thank goodness for hard drives); I moved to my surface. When my surface died (I lost the charger); I moved to my sister’s laptop. And when that wasn’t available, I used my phone. I even had a brief pen and paper stint (I don’t talk about those times)

I barely slept last night. I’d wake up, write, fall asleep – dream about nanowrimo, wake up, write. (Though there was this weird moment when I dreamt about Nnamdi Azikiwe getting angry with me…dunno what that was about).

Every time I’d type in my word count and click ‘update’; if the page didn’t immediately load I’d think ‘oh God, they have closed it!’

So you can begin to appreciate why I am ever so thankful that it is OVER, it is DONE. I want to sing from rooftops, I want to dance naked on the street, I want to eat indomie noodles (bit of an anti-climax there…)

2014-11-30 17.30.24Mind you, the novel is far from over and I hope I’ll get it done by the end of December. But Nanowrimo,  I owned you!

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