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Sara of led me to the realization that perhaps people were not commenting on my stories because they were not sure that I encouraged comments.

shutterstock_195204092Well I want to clearly state that I very much encourage comments. Please tell me what you love or don’t love (I use ‘don’t love’ because were you to say I hate…’, I would probably curl into a fetal position and cry myself to sleep).

Feel free to correct my grammar, point out the weaknesses or strengths of my writing style, tell me which character you love to hate, let me know who you are rooting for, point out gaps in my plotting etc.

If you are afraid of hurting my feelings, check out my post on giving feedback. I will know exactly what you are doing but I won’t mind because I appreciate the sentiment. Also you couldn’t be any worse than my brother who says ‘Oyinkan!!!! That doesn’t make sense!!!! Change it!!!’

I am currently writing two series on this blog:

The Men She Loved – Drama, Romance
Dream walker – Fantasy

Also please give feedback on the poetry. ‘I do not presume to already have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead…’ Philippians 3:13

Constructive criticism = Growth

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  • Well, I have occasionally left comments for you, so you can’t be too intimidating really 🙂 Btw I saw your Dreamwalker character blog and I’m intending to start reading it when I get a chance. I prefer to leave off reading a series till there are a few chapters to get into, otherwise you have to keep going back and recapping each time a new post arrives, y’know?

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