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The Pomeranians must have sensed their mummy’s tension, because even though the lights were off they refused to settle down and sleep. Tumble, the girl, named so because she had a funny habit of falling over when she tried to run, was currently standing and trying to jump unto the bed where Lola was. Rumble, the louder of the two puppies, was making odd attempts at attracting her attention – he...

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It was her cousin’s wedding reception and she was placed on one of the 50 tables, seated amongst strangers. Her mind wandered until the girl beside her squealed.
“He is here!”
The speaker wasn’t talking to her so she turned back to facing nothing in the distance, still she could not help but overhear.
“Who is?”
“That Dayo guy. I heard he has been to prison, but men is he hot!”

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She was with him the day that they arrested him. She would never forget it. They had been watching Die Hard, cross-legged on the floor, holding on to their Ben and Jerry ice-cream. There had been a knock on the door. “Don’t worry; I’ll get it,” Dayo hadn’t acknowledged her statement. He never opened her door. She had wondered why she’d even bothered telling him not to worry. There were cops...

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…Previously on The Men She Loved (I’m trying this whole ‘previously’ thing out. I feel like I’m doing a TV series :-D)…Lola finally runs into Dayo, her first love, and he sparks up feelings inside her that she thought no longer existed. Only he hasn’t forgiven her and she hasn’t forgiven herself….

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The heat was unforgiving and the atmosphere in the room clawed at them. When Lola observed Ada stick her tongue out like a dog, she proposed that they sit outside. She placed a cushion on the steps of the porch for Ada to sit on and she took the garden chair so that she was high enough to help her friend remove her braids. “If you keep rubbing your stomach like that, your baby will be...

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Dayo stood before her, bearing down on her and as she looked behind, she saw there was nowhere to run to. “Where were you when I needed you?” His words echoed in the room. Her heart tripled in pace and she clutched her breast. “Dayo please…” He struck her and she fell to the ground. “Every day I waited,” She tried to crawl away and she felt a sharp pain in her back. He had stabbed her. He took...

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Lola could hear it but she hadn’t spotted it yet and she wouldn’t be satisfied until its blood was on her hands. She leaned on the edge of her seat, poised and ready to attack. The mosquito flew into her line on vision and she clapped it between her palms. Temi looked at her, amused. “Can we eat now?” she smiled at his sarcastic tone and met his gaze with a bold one of her own “Be my guest,” he...

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