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The Dreamwalker (5)


By the time she got to her village, she was dragging her feet as well as her sword. Her sandals had worn away to nothing and she had rinsed the blood off her feet in the last stream she had happened upon. The village was an open village; it was almost impossible to tell where the boundary began and ended. She took the left turn off the road and unto a well-worn path and walked down the path. Her...

The Men She Loved (6)


It was her cousin’s wedding reception and she was placed on one of the 50 tables, seated amongst strangers. Her mind wandered until the girl beside her squealed.
“He is here!”
The speaker wasn’t talking to her so she turned back to facing nothing in the distance, still she could not help but overhear.
“Who is?”
“That Dayo guy. I heard he has been to prison, but men is he hot!”

The Dreamwalker (4)


She knew before she opened her eyes that she was alone. Her back and neck felt stiff and sore, her legs a little numb and for no reason that she could fathom, she was wary. Lanle’s and Yume’s bags and possessions were gone but their donkey remained. It was odd that they would leave their donkey. She stood up and looked around and like a ghost, Dare slipped into view. “Did you see them leave?” He...

The Men She Loved (5)


She was with him the day that they arrested him. She would never forget it. They had been watching Die Hard, cross-legged on the floor, holding on to their Ben and Jerry ice-cream. There had been a knock on the door. “Don’t worry; I’ll get it,” Dayo hadn’t acknowledged her statement. He never opened her door. She had wondered why she’d even bothered telling him not to worry. There were cops...

The Men She Loved (4)


…Previously on The Men She Loved (I’m trying this whole ‘previously’ thing out. I feel like I’m doing a TV series :-D)…Lola finally runs into Dayo, her first love, and he sparks up feelings inside her that she thought no longer existed. Only he hasn’t forgiven her and she hasn’t forgiven herself….

The Dreamwalker (2)


The tunnel was dark and dank and the smell resembled something akin to rotting fish. They didn’t speak but hurried along in a stride that was not quite a walk but not exactly a run either. Dare didn’t want to be surprised by a wall, or a body, or to take a wrong turn and he led the way. The Chief had not appreciated people walking into a room he was in, uninvited. So chances were the guards would...

The Dream Walker (1)


The chief had not requested her presence in over a year. The fact that he asked for her now, set her on edge. She had begun to find comfort and rhythm in the monotony of her days. She had not stepped foot in this section of the Kalu in months and was grateful that she was being led by the slave who had summoned her. Dare trailed her silently; she could feel him in the shadows. It was easy to...

The Men She Loved (2)


Dayo stood before her, bearing down on her and as she looked behind, she saw there was nowhere to run to. “Where were you when I needed you?” His words echoed in the room. Her heart tripled in pace and she clutched her breast. “Dayo please…” He struck her and she fell to the ground. “Every day I waited,” She tried to crawl away and she felt a sharp pain in her back. He had stabbed her. He took...

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