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A Review of Mr and Mrs Doctor


I was given Mr. and Mrs. Doctor by a friend, which was nice because I am rarely given books. You would think I would be given books often, as I am clearly a book lover, but nooooo. Anyway, my friend clearly appreciated the novel and wanted me to share in his joy. The title of the book, I believe, is very apt. It perfectly encapsulates one of the themes but it also captures the Nigerian obsession...

Review of Stay with Me


Stay with Me was recommended to me and so I purchased it and settled down to read it. I read it in one night. From the first page, I appreciated that Stay with Me was just my type of book. The phrase ‘page turner’ has always meant for me – a book that packs a punch with every page – and that is Adebayo’s book. So let’s delve in. First of all, the title. I love it. I don’t want to give any...

Sixty Percent of a True Story – A Review


‘Everything is not about book here.’ This is the first book that I’ll be reviewing, whose author I met beforehand. Met but didn’t really know. Now after reading the book, I look at him with a side eye. If this book were fictional, I probably wouldn’t have that reaction, but seeing as it’s a memoir… Sixty Percent of a True Story is Osisiye Tafa’s debut novel and it is an excellent start to what is...

Chasing Facades – A Review


So I read Chasing Facades in a bit of a rush. I read it to review it which is rare for me and I think it took a little bit of the pleasure out of it. Hopefully I won’t be doing that again. Let’s begin with the title – Chasing Facades. I love the title. It does exactly what it is supposed to do – incite suggestions of action, mystery, thrills, lies, all the things that a good detective story...

A Tailor-Made Romance – A Review


The imprint Ankara Press was launched on Valentine’s Day this year along with six books to quench our thirst. I am surprised it took me this long to purchase what appears to be Nigeria’s very own Mills and Boons. A Tailor-made Romance is the first of the Ankara Press books that I purchased and downloaded. I started reading the novel at around 1pm and was done by 7pm. Bear in mind that it was a...

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives – A Review


So I’ve read The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives for the second time round and I think I was even more impressed this time. I read the novel again because I wanted to review it and the novel was no longer fresh in my mind, it may have been a year since I read it, so I took it from my shelf, dusted it and gave it another go. As usual, I’ll start off with the title. I have mixed feelings about...

Young and Cerebral Essay Competition


Oyinkansola the Judge…Yup! I like the sound of that! Young and Cerebral in their justified concern for the youths of Nigeria and how detached and uninformed they are of their culture, their language and their history, have put together an essay competition… The Essay Competition is an initiative of Young & Cerebral, a youth development platform that raises awareness on how young...

The Stories from African Pens


African literature is a genre in and of itself. And it is one that I have always admired, albeit from a safe distance. For me African literature is like a gobstopper – strong, distinct but difficult to eat. Like a painting that is beautiful but has you turning your head this way and that, wondering if perhaps the gallery accidentally placed it upside down. It is like listening to someone...

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