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The Eyes of A Dead Girl


– Have you heard the tale about the ghost orange seller? – They say she wears a white dress and if you buy an orange from her… – You’ll die too! – You guys don’t really believe in that, do you?   They look at me with wide eyes and I can see that they believe. But of course, it’s not true. It can’t be true. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. It’s a public...

She Sells Her Oranges


Ayoola is on the street, balancing a tray of oranges on her head. She was up before the sun; there was not even a whisper of light as she cradled each one in her hand and used a sharp knife to free them from their skin. She could smell the strident scent emanating from them and could picture the sinking of white teeth into the tender orange flesh. Her first customer is a woman in a dark blue suit...

Lipstick Called Forever


  She wrapped her five stubby digits around the lipstick. It was the colour pink, which was her favourite colour, and she wanted to look nice today. She turned the tube until it came all the way out and then she pressed it on her mouth, leaning against the mirror so that she could see clearly. Chief Teddy was watching her with his dark beady eyes. He was supposed to be the lookout but...

The Men She Loved (3)


The heat was unforgiving and the atmosphere in the room clawed at them. When Lola observed Ada stick her tongue out like a dog, she proposed that they sit outside. She placed a cushion on the steps of the porch for Ada to sit on and she took the garden chair so that she was high enough to help her friend remove her braids. “If you keep rubbing your stomach like that, your baby will be...

How To Tell The Difference Between A Short Story and Flash Fiction


As an individual who has written in both forms, I’m still never entirely sure that I do not cross the very thin line that separates short stories from flash fiction. As if I wasn’t confused enough, I came across a quote by South African writer Nadine Gordimer: ‘Short story writers see by the light of the flash; theirs is the art of the only thing one can be sure of – the present moment.’ So I...

Victorian Writing Challenge


Earlier this week, I got a writing challenge from my mother, which was weird enough as it was but it got weirder. First she asked that I write her a romance (and she knows I don’t do mushy), then she got more specific. She wanted it to: Be set in the Victorian era Be unpredictable Have a happy ending Clearly my mother is suffering from ‘not enough romance novels in the house’ syndrome but I was...

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