The Abomination of Mrs Rochester


It occurred to me today that I have a blog now.
This was a very important rediscovery because several years ago I read a book and this book made me ANGRY; unfortunately I had no way of expressing this anger except to my family (who really couldn’t have cared less.)
I have never forgiven the author for writing this book and I probably never will.

Thyme Out – A Review


THYME OUT Katie Fforde This is the second book I have read by Katie Fforde and I was not disappointed. She writes such charming romance books, and this coming from someone who only reads romance if she is bored and/or depressed. I think Fforde likes corny titles which is completely alright. The first book I read was titled Artistic Licence. This book is named Thyme Out, referring to the fact that...

Dead Simple – A Review


DEAD SIMPLE Peter James   I haven’t read a novel in weeks and I was getting desperate; so when I picked Dead Simple, all I knew was that it was crime fiction (you can rarely go wrong with crime) and the name Peter James rang a bell. Four men are dead, one is missing and the sixth is not telling. The plot was engaging enough that I read the book in two sittings. In the first sitting, I read...

The Snow Child – A Review


THE SNOW CHILD Eowyn Ivey I picked this book off the shelf because the title suggested itself, and the navy background with white shadowy images of a girl and a fox appealed to me. Every once in a while you score and I certainly reaped the benefits of my choice. The Snow Child is a tale about a childless couple who relocate to the barrenness of Alaska to begin anew. The lives of Jack and Mabel...

The Story Of Beautiful Girl – A Review


THE STORY OF BEAUTIFUL GIRL By Rachel Simon This was a book I picked in a hurry from the shelf. I believe I bought it with Snow Child (review coming soon); but it took me a while to read it because when I was almost halfway, my sister took the book and didn’t return it till she was done. Then the book was back in my hands but I had already come to the conclusion that it was a spectacular novel...

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