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Discovering Magic – A TipsyLit Prompt


This week, I participated in a prompt on a blog by the name of tipsylit. I enjoyed taking part and totally let it slip out of my mind that I would need to hustle up votes to increase the chances of my story winning the comp. The prompt was: your character discovers a magical object. Check out the story here or read it below. If you like the story, vote for me here.   “People come up to me...

The Micro Story


So I came across this post on the create space blog, which basically invites you to write a micro story. A micro story is a one sentence story. The concept reminds me of the six word story, which I have attempted a couple of times. I was intrigued enough to try the micro story. Heck, I’ll try any kind of writing! My first couple of attempts, my micro story came out as compelling sentences...

Victorian Writing Challenge Part 2


I have not forgotten that I have a Victorian Writing Challenge to attend to…unfortunately, the genre is not really my forte: Victoria opened her eyes and blinked at the square pattern on the pale ceiling. It was not the ceiling she was familiar with. She was not home; but she had not been home for a long time. She sat up and tried to remember where she was. The room was decorated in soft...

NaijaStories – The Premier Destination for Nigerian Writers and Readers

N was a site that I was introduced to by Farafina. I was actually asked to scout for writers (so if you are posting on Naijastories or any public forum, don’t stop! You have no idea who is watching.) and so began my interest in the site. On you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be stories that baffle you mostly because every other word is spelt...

Victorian Writing Challenge


Earlier this week, I got a writing challenge from my mother, which was weird enough as it was but it got weirder. First she asked that I write her a romance (and she knows I don’t do mushy), then she got more specific. She wanted it to: Be set in the Victorian era Be unpredictable Have a happy ending Clearly my mother is suffering from ‘not enough romance novels in the house’ syndrome but I was...

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