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The Eyes of A Dead Girl


– Have you heard the tale about the ghost orange seller? – They say she wears a white dress and if you buy an orange from her… – You’ll die too! – You guys don’t really believe in that, do you?   They look at me with wide eyes and I can see that they believe. But of course, it’s not true. It can’t be true. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. It’s a public...

She Sells Her Oranges


Ayoola is on the street, balancing a tray of oranges on her head. She was up before the sun; there was not even a whisper of light as she cradled each one in her hand and used a sharp knife to free them from their skin. She could smell the strident scent emanating from them and could picture the sinking of white teeth into the tender orange flesh. Her first customer is a woman in a dark blue suit...

Competitions Galore…


This year I have entered four competitions so far, which I think is my most to date. I entered – Writivism, Commonwealth, Afreada and Newwrinklepublishing. I did not enter the Etisalat Flash Fiction competition as I was reluctant to lobby for votes this year. I entered the Writivism comp in March and though I made it into their 100 submissions selected, I did not make it to the longlist. And then...

Lipstick Called Forever


  She wrapped her five stubby digits around the lipstick. It was the colour pink, which was her favourite colour, and she wanted to look nice today. She turned the tube until it came all the way out and then she pressed it on her mouth, leaning against the mirror so that she could see clearly. Chief Teddy was watching her with his dark beady eyes. He was supposed to be the lookout but...

Time and the Commonwealth


Time fades all things and all memories, whether they are good or bad. So, I write to remember. I document my writing journey because I know that one day, the struggle will seem less like a long and winding river and more like the smooth and steady course (Pocahontas, anybody?). One day, someone will tell me that I was lucky and I want to be able to provide evidence when I tell them that luck had...

My Entry in the 2015 Etisalat Flash Fiction Competition


Hi!!! So I entered the 2015 Etisalat flash fiction competition with a story that was born here. I will need as many votes as possible to enter the shortlist, so please vote. The story and link are below: She is angry with me. I can tell, because her lips are trembling, her eyes are dilated, and her chest is rising and falling really fast. Both our eyes dart to the knife on the table, the light...

2015 and My Nanowrimo Story


I met the nanowrimo challenge head on and was able to tame the dragon; but at 50,000+ words my story was far from finished. My plan at the time was to finish the story off in December and begin editing in the new year. Only I didn’t do squat in December. I found myself having to catch up with all the things I had neglected in November; ( I also found myself distracted by a certain somebody...

Nano Reflections


What are you most proud of achieving this month? I am extremely proud of self for completing 50,000 words in 30 days. It was no mean feat and I am in noooooo hurry to attempt it again.   What did you learn about yourself as a writer? I learnt that I am more of an action and dialogue writer than a descriptive writer; though I love to linger over description, when a deadline is looming it...

My First Poetry Slam


So last Saturday I took part in my first spoken word poetry competition and I learnt A LOT. The Eko Literary Society is the premier society in Lagos for lovers of books, poetry and all things literary and they founded the Eko Poetry Slam, which in collaboration with Metro 97.7 FM and Radio One 103.5 FM, took place last Saturday. It would be the first edition. Their previous poetry slams have been...

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