Poetry on Moments with Mo


So yesterday was amazing! Last week I was invited to perform poetry on a Nigerian talk show – Moments with Mo! They flew me to Calabar yesterday, where the studio is based, and it was straight to the studio from the airport. From there it was make up, dress up and perform. After my performance, I was interviewed by the hosts. Everyone was lovely and professional and I had a wonderful time...

Black Smile


I am committed to writing a post every day for three months! I have skipped one day so far and I am determined that today will not be another (I hate that feeling of guilt, even with the string of excuses I have ready.) So initially, today’s post was meant to be a How To Write a Villanelle post (coming to you soon) but I couldn’t find a Villanelle that I had created, so I wanted to...

How To Write A Sestina


The Sestina is another favourite of mine. It seems to me that the formula, though a little complicated, guarantees a certain depth and etherealness that you may not have otherwise been able to achieve on your own. The Sestina is about repetition. It is a conversation, a telling, a retelling, an obsession with an object, a person, a situation. It is definitely a poetic form that you should try at...

How To Write A Sonnet


The sonnet was the first poetic form that I experimented with, so it holds a special place in my heart. Shakespeare clearly loved the sonnet form, as it was the only type of poem that he seemed interested in writing. He wrote so many, he didn’t bother to name them – they got numbers instead.   There are only FOUR things that you need to know about the sonnet form If you are writing a...

The Freedom of Poetry in Form


Poetry is an art. Some of my friends have asked what the point or value of poetry is, which is interesting as these are the same people who are moved by certain songs; but for some reason, poetry is a distant and unapproachable concept to them. So, what is poetry and why is it important? Poetry is that art form that can capture a singular emotion. I feel a poem has achieved its objective when a...

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