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What Anime Taught Me About Writing


I was introduced to anime in 2011/2012. I was dating an anime junkie and even though I had heard about anime; seeing someone binge watch it was fascinating, especially as it was in Japanese. So one day, I said, “Do you know what, let me watch this thing with you,” and I sat down. I have not looked back. In fact, I often wonder how I lived the first 23 or so years of my life without anime. I gain...

Stuck in the Middle (And how to push through)


So you’ve started your story and your momentum is hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! So high, you may as well be a balloon floating in the air. Your fingers are racing over the keyboard and the ideas are flowing quickly and smoothly. But soon it takes you double the time to crank out the page and your story begins to feel dull, forced. You’re in the middle of your story and even though you may have an idea of...

How to Market Your Ebook Part 1 (AKA The Woes of Marketing)


Marketing is hard. I knew that. I knew it was hard, which is why I wanted some genie agent to magic away my struggles. The only problem is, I haven’t sent my work to any agent. And yet I wasn’t planning on marketing this book. How can I explain this? I created this novella, more for myself than anything else. I put a price tag on it and decided it would harness some side change that I could use...

Acquiring an ISBN Number in Nigeria


If you want to experience the challenges that we as Nigerians face in a nutshell, all you need to do is spend an hour in a government facility. This post is for those of you who are wondering how to go about getting an ISBN number in Nigeria – hopefully, this entry will adequately prepare you. An ISBN is a thirteen digit number that allows your book to be identified. It usually sits just above...

How to Start Your Story


There is no hard and fast way or rule for how to begin your story. The best advice is probably, don’t begin at the beginning; which is great, if you know where the beginning is. Is the beginning when your character is born, in the manner of Charles Dickens? Is the beginning when your character dies? Is the beginning just before or at the point of the inciting incident of your story? Begin Just...

How To Name Your Character (With Sense)


Names are important, even in fictional tales; perhaps especially in fictional tales. Names trigger our prejudices. Hearing or seeing a person’s name sets off stereotypes in our heads, without us even realizing. Whether or not these stereotypes are wrong, when you come across the name Fatima, you may find yourself picturing a dark skinned female with kinky hair, or an olive skinned woman with...

How To Tell The Difference Between Chick Lit and Romance


I use the phrases ‘Romance’ and ‘Chick lit’ interchangeably; not because I’m not aware there is a difference but because the difference is so subtle that I usually can’t be bothered to be anal about it. Today I feel like being a little anal; so here are a couple differences that I have drawn up:   Chick Lit tends to have a happy ending. The girl will end up with the right man, no matter what...

How To Improve The First Line Of Your Poem


The first line of a poem is always the hardest for me. It’s the line most in danger of sounding corny, awkward, stilted, flamboyant or simply wrong. So assuming I’m not the only one who often hates the first line of their poem, I have a couple ideas of how to switch your poem up and make your first line strong. Note these suggestions are most effective if you are not working with a strict poetic...

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