The Trouble With Writing Is…


It takes a hell of a lot longer to write a book than it does to read it (It took you six months to write a book it has taken me six days to read – think about that) You get none of the glory given to musicians, painters, actors and the like. When you tell people you’re a poet, they respond with ‘Really? I write poetry too!’ (more ranting about that in a future post) When you announce that you are...

The Best Locations For Writing


Many of us have been tricked into believing that writers need rolling hills and picturesque cottages, a bubbling brook and a clear blue sky or a rainy day in order to tap into our reserves of creativity. Though being in this setting may indeed bring out the Shakespeare in you, it is much more likely that you are surrounded by car fumes, tall grey buildings and noise pollution. So I’ve compiled a...

To Plot Or Not To Plot


There are basically two ways of going about writing and plotting a story. I like to describe them as: The Path of Least Resistance The Path of Most Resistance   You belong to the path of least resistance if: You have very little idea of where the story is going when you start. Characters crop up wily nily in your story. You write the first sentence and then think up your second. A...

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – Yay Me


I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! I’m very excited about this award because it gives me Carte Blanche to talk about myself which I never do here – so thank you KiwiBee! Check out Kiwi’s blog for great stories, poems, photographs and journal entries (talk about multitalented).   The Award Guidelines are as follows: 1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated...

Comments And Feedback Please!


Sara of led me to the realization that perhaps people were not commenting on my stories because they were not sure that I encouraged comments. Well I want to clearly state that I very much encourage comments. Please tell me what you love or don’t love (I use ‘don’t love’ because were you to say I hate…’, I would probably curl into a...

Meet My Character Blog Tour


Sara saved me today cuz I had nooooo idea what I was gonna blog about (God works in mysterious ways). Anyway, she saved me by inviting me to join the ‘Meet My Character Blog Tour’ So here are the answers to the questions:   1. What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person? Lara; and she is a fictional character   2. When and where is the story...

The Liebster Award – Part Two


Thank you SnowWhite for nominating me (never thought I would be saying those words).   Why did you start your blog? I went for the Connect Nigeria writer’s conference in Lagos and one of the speakers said he didn’t consider any writer a serious writer, if they didn’t have a blog. I have considered myself to be a writer for years and made terrible failed attempts at blogging, so my response...

NEVER throw away (delete) your writing – Five Reasons Why


1) It may seem horrible noooooooow, but in a week or a month or a year, you may just realize it was a great piece of writing. 2) Even if it really is a terrible example of your abilities, there will be something in it that can be developed. 3) That’s why they call it a first draft, edit it. 4) You can strip lines from different pieces of your work and form a found poem (more about found...

Ten Things You Need To Know About Speech in Fiction


I felt I needed a refresher course on the writing of dialogue, so I gathered all my books on grammar and punctuation, threw myself on my bed and dug in! The following ‘ten things you need to know about dialogue’ are as a result of studying and interpreting: Penguin Writer’s Manual, Grammar for Grown Ups, Can You Eat, Shoot & Leave? and Butcher’s Copy-Editing. Also looked at a couple published...

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