I haven’t written anything on this blog this year; it was easy to do because, as far as I know, no one reads this blog except for me. I didn’t even realize when the host removed my website and packed up my Cpanel. I hadn’t backed up the site in ages, so I am missing lots of posts, more than I probably even realize. Some I have on my laptop, but most of them are gone from the internet and my mind; gone forever.

So setting this site up again, is tedious at best. I’ve had to upload the last backup and start to repost, posts I could find. But I do it because something tells me that I should keep it up. I like to believe it is the Holy Spirit. So who knows, maybe the records I keep here will one day mean something to somebody.

So this post is to say – I’m back!

I won’t be posting every day like I used to do, no time for that; but I’ll try for once a week. I have also decided to try and create/draw my featured images myself. The older posts may not have this, but the newer posts should.

See you in the next post!


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