A Tailor-Made Romance – A Review


The imprint Ankara Press was launched on Valentine’s Day this year along with six books to quench our thirst. I am surprised it took me this long to purchase what appears to be Nigeria’s very own Mills and Boons.

A Tailor-made Romance is the first of the Ankara Press books that I purchased and downloaded. I started reading the novel at around 1pm and was done by 7pm. Bear in mind that it was a workday and I was only able to read the book at various intervals. Needless to say, it is not long tale and it is an easy read.

As always, I’ll begin with the title. A Tailor-made Romance is a cute title, has chick lit written all over it and nicely points to the career of the hero, which also doubles as a major theme for the novel. I would give the title 7/10.

The heroine, Tishe, meets the man of her dreams but she is horrified to find that he is a tailor. He is unwavering in his commitment to her, but as Tishe switches on and off like the Nepa we are oh so familiar with, as she tries to get a handle on her emotions and grasp what seems to be an impossible situation.

The major issue that heroine had with the hero was his profession and by association his social class. This issue was what made me select the book out of the ones on offer by Ankara press. I wondered how this theme of social class would be handled, as it is undoubtedly a huge

The story got off to a bit of a rough start, with a little too much information being fed to the reader, but as the tale continued it began to unfold at a more leisurely pace, and though I knew how it would end (in true Mills and Boonesque style), I found myself interested nonetheless. I’d give the plot 5/10.

The characters went further than being pretty and wealthy and ‘good’. In fact, took me a little while to warm up to and sympathize with the heroine, which is essential in chick lit. And even though I eventually warmed up, I am not entirely sure what Tishe had going for her besides being good looking and having a successful career. Nor was I sold on the hero, Adnan, straight away – Tishe gives him her number, and then:

Just as she sat down, her phone rang. It was Adnan. “I just wanted to make sure I have the right number. I would hate to lose you again.”

This was too suspiciously like the actions of a man that was used to being given the wrong number.

However from that point on, Adnan won me over. He was everything you want in a man – he was committed, attentive, honest, humble and so much more. I would give the characters 5/10.

Her writing was a basic, straight-forward, I’d give her one or two more novels and she could be a chick lit author to watch out for. 4/10



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